The Competitive Path to Cohesion


Competitiveness and cohesion have often been considered mutually exclusive variables. This research explores the relationship between these variables and finds results suggesting a positive relationship between trait competitiveness and group cohesion. Qualitative interviews are conducted as a case study approach to help explain this counterintuitive finding. The authors argue this relationship can be attributed to the competitive focus of the individuals within the sales organization. This research intends to take a deeper look at competitiveness and inspire future research to rexamine the way competitiveness can be harnessed for positive outcomes.

Apr 9, 2021 11:30 AM
Alec Pappas
Assistant Professor of Marketing

My research interest is on marketing strategy with an emphasis on the effects of social dynamics (e.g., intraorganizational social networks. social capital, and social influence) on managerially focused outcomes like employee performance and turnover.